Customised Video Conferencing

Online Conferencing just became easy!

Standalone platform or fully integrated with an elearning management system like moodle.

Fast, Clear and Dynamic Communications.


Global Connections

Hosting for BigBlueButton in various countries around the world, such as Australia, USA, Singapore, France and others.

Want your own web conferencing system?

Need help with any of your eLearning and web communication needs?


Monthly Subscriptions

We have devised simple pricing plans that are fair and easy to understand providing great value for money.

We realise that some of our partners only need to use BBB for a few hours a month and some of you need many more than that, hence great flexibility in how you use our BBB service.



Big Blue Button is open source software and as such allows us to customise it for your benefit.

KJHosting runs BBB on very fast servers with plenty of system resources available for you, so much so that we can allow you to invite an unlimited number of participants to your meetings.

Feel free to check out all the great features of BBB then talk to us about making this great meeting collaboration system a reality for you.


Uncomplicated Connections

All you have to worry about is maximising your online presentations.

We take care of all the “hard stuff” like server requirements, file storage, room management and setup.

Store your presentation files and record your sessions for easy access and distribution.

Full and seamless integration with moodle.


Personalised assistance

Send us an email, explaining your situation and needs.
We will personally work with you and make suggestions as to your best options for rollout.

Your account is controlled from one easy control panel.

We also offer BBB as part of an integrated eLearning package utilising Moodle.

The presenter can broadcast their desktop for all students to see.  As well as show uploaded files or screen video.Works on Mac, Unix and PC.

Call out key parts of presentations and annotate items for conference participants using the whiteboard.

All your participants require are speakers and a microphone to participate. BigBlueButton voice conferencing supports voice over IP (VOIP).

Multiple users can share and communicate together, thereby giving on-line tutoring, small group collaboration and distance education a personal touch.

Moderators control the audio of all users and can make anyone a presenter.


Test Drive!

Try out BigBlueButton

Record your lectures for later playback by students on BigBlueButton.

There is no built-in limit on the number of simultaneously active webcams and users can share their webcam at the same time.

The presenter can upload any PDF presentation or Microsoft office document to present, zoom, pan, and keep students in sync.

Highlight, draw, zoom in and write on your display to make your presentation clear to remote students. The built-in whiteboard allows key highlighting of points to be made,

You can public chat with everyone in the class or private chat with the teacher.

See how to use BBB here

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Note this!

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